The panel was integrated by Vanessa Rosas of Blim, Laura Tapias of Applicaster and, Carlos Hulett of VIVOplay
VIVOplay: Catch-up TV generates great value
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de noviembre de 2019

The challenges of live streaming was another topic of the first day of the NEXTV CEO LatAm celebrated last Tuesday at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables in Miami. The discussion, integrated by Vanessa Rosas Molina, director of Blim TV; Laura Tapias, general manager of Applicaster and Carlos Hulett, CEO of VIVOplay, was chaired by María Lucía Hernández, director of International Sales at RCN Televisión.

According to Tapias, it is important to distinguish the live of a linear channel from the direct live from streaming, highlighting that you win with the live streaming if there is something different than what is aired on TV, “there you win with streaming,” she explained.

Rosas said they launched with 31 live channels, they have no SVOD, they are a sort of skinny bundle focused on content in Spanish, but not only in Mexico.

For his part, Hulett expressed that from their start, they have aired live channels and that in 2017 they added the catch-up TV that generates a great deal of value for them due to the topic of time zones. "We do catch-up of the entire programming in 72 hours in a loop of each one of the channels. It works very well for us so that people can do time-shift,” he explains.

He recalled they have three main areas in live: information with special events that require a lot of audience reading; sports events where they have generated a good relation with Snap TV and musical shows like Premios TuMundo and Festival Viña del Mar.

When consulted on what can be added to broadcasts through mobile, Tapias said they are conducting research on what is happening with sports and sports rights, where the owners of the rights are looking for a new broadcasting path to have a unique experience, seeking exclusivity.

They also highlighted that the audience will continue to prefer paying for professional content versus the ones generated by users.

Additionally, they covered the topic of data, where Hulett highlighted that it generates incalculable value for distributors and producers, "you reach a level of knowledge of your audience that open TV does not offer".