Vincenzo Gratteri, from ViX, and Ricardo Coeto, from BTF, spoke about the upcoming release of the suspense series Pacto de Sangre

ViX: Pacto de Sangre is a hybrid between a premium series and the melodramatic DNA of a novela
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de noviembre de 2023

Under the production of BTF, on Friday, November 10 ViX will release the ten-episode series Pacto de Sangre, starring Barbara de Regil, Alejandro Nones, Marco de la O, Luis Ernesto, and Flavio Medina. In an interview with PRODU, Vincenzo Gratteri, Senior Development VP at ViX, and Ricardo Coeto, CEO of BTF Media, spoke about this suspense thriller, based on the homonymous Chilean story, with an adaptation that fits into the new term "serielas".

“This project accurately reflects the so-called ‘serielas’, a hybrid of the production values of a premium series and the melodramatic DNA that is characteristic in novelas. It is a perfect example, because, in addition to the melodramatic component, it has a powerful thriller element, that is the backbone of the story" explained Gratteri.

The executive explained how this project reached his hands and the work process to bring it to fruition: "BTF approached us with the idea of making a Mexican adaptation of a Chilean series that was launched in open signal on Channel 13 in Chile and we immediately felt that it was a brilliant intuition, because we knew the original series well and felt it some of the elements of the foundation of the story allowed certain identification, not just immediate but also visceral with the audience. When people see it, they think this could happen in romantic and friendship relationships. This story is current, modern, with an urban and contemporary aesthetic, it has some ingredients that are almost like classical Greek tragedies" explained Gratteri.

According to Coeto, this is a project they were already seeking, with the purpose of adapting it specifically in terms of rhythm, structure, and visual proposal: "Since we pitched the idea there was an important communion between client and provider, managing to work as a team. It was necessary to conjugate important things, to have the cast we wanted, and make it fit in very specific time frames in order to align it with the three directors we had, and the important accomplishment was to make a plan, we said we were going to do something together and we did a good job. We have a coin with two sides and we know very well how we are going to bet".

As for the elements they maintained from the original story to turn it into a project made in series format, Coeto added: "Conflicts and emotions are universal. It's complex and irresponsible, many times, to be based on something to make it different or to make it exactly the same. The thermometer is complicated and here we are based on two things: respecting the plot and one of the many lead roles the story has handled and consolidated a universe that was 100% archetypical and for him to respect it throughout the ten episodes. That led us to maintain an original 130-hour story, with many peripheral stories".

Regarding the strategy of episode releases, Gratteri explained it would be in a hybrid format and is part of a strategic content reason, with the launch of three episodes on the day of the release. After that, every Friday, they will release two, with the exception of the last one that will be unique.

Finally, regarding the production plan, the CEO of BTF said they worked under a hybrid figure in the production plan, "with two units. We had one leader as a director for the project's image. We structured the story, beyond making it linear, we chose each moment that we didn't want to separate and finished them, because there is a lot of action involved in the project, dramatically, and actors' containment required us to be very careful in the editing. The important challenge was to tell this story with the visual proposal we wanted because we are based on a novela and were seeking to dramatically respect the emotional impact a novela has. Here you are going to find all kinds of audiences".

The producer and director of the series is Bernardo de la Rosa, with Sergio Osorio, and Moisés Ortiz as directors of some of the episodes, it was shot in the state of Mexico, Mexico City, Tlaxcala, and other locations throughout ten weeks. The executive production is under the responsibility of Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero, from BTF Media.

Pacto de Sangre tells the story of Benjamín (Alejandro Nones), Marco (Luis Ernesto Franco), Rubén (Flavio Medina), and Gabriel (Marco de la O), who have managed to maintain their friendship for many years despite their differences. Their partners also take part in this group that has decades of complicity. They are the current and significant others in their lives: Tamara (Bárbara de Regil), Miranda (Erika de la Rosa), Ana (Juanita Arias) and Julieta (Tania Lizardo). But the unfortunate death of a dancer at Ruben's bachelor party will forever change their destinies, leading them to feel guilty and afraid of losing the life they have built.