Dibo (the Dinosaur) is one of the shows the new channel will feature

Vme launches Vme Kid on AT&T U-verse

02 de septiembre de 2010

Vme announced the launch of a new channel for preschoolers: Vme Kids, a 24/7 channel focused specifically on preschoolers for whom Spanish is the home language. Vme Kids launched on AT&T U-verse channel 3058 on September 1 with additional distributors to be announced. Vme will support each of its distribution partners with significant on-the-ground marketing events such as book tours with Vme’s sister company Santillana USA and a LazyTown Live! school-based tour. “Building on the success of our kids block, Vme is uniquely positioned to offer this new channel for our littlest viewers and their caregivers. In addition to entertainment, the channel is designed to support the clear guidance of educators who emphasize how important it is for kids to learn in their first language in order to be able to excel in learning other languages,” commented Carmen DiRienzo, president and CEO of Vme. The new channel will feature programs such as Dibo (the Dinosaur), Los disfraces de Dougie (Dougie in Disguise), Los supernúmeros (Numberjacks), Bruno y los amigos Banana (Bruno & the Banana Bunch) and Cinco minutos más (Five More Minutes). The Vme Kids’ schedule will also feature hits including LazyTown, Jim de la Luna, Musti, 7 Pets, Pororo and Connie la vaquita (Connie the Cow), among others.