Alessandra Villegas, host of TuBebé and Eligio Cedeño, CEO of Vme Media

Vme Tv launches a new season of TuBebé with Alessandra Villegas

26 de febrero de 2019

Vme Tv (Vme Media Inc) announces the premiere of the second season of their hit show TuBebé with Alessandra Villegas. The new season premiered in the U.S. on Tuesday February 26 at 10:30am EST/7:30am PST. The episodes will air every Tuesday and Thursday at the same hour.

“We are thrilled with this fresh new season of TuBebé, this program is designed so that the audience gets an informative, practical and fun guide when it comes to parenting”, said Michael Fernández, VP of Marketing for Vme Media.

Doris Vogelmann, VP of Programming added: “TuBebé is a program where key advice is provided by specialists and professionals with diverse areas of expertise related to giving birth and parenthood”.

The program analyzes and offers the audience a wide variety of topics and tips that can be addressed as they embark on the exciting journey of motherhood. Via the opinions and experiences of specialists in various fields, such as gynecologists, pediatricians, midwives, child psychologists, linguists and nutritionists, TuBebé is the perfect guide for future parents.