Angelique Boyer stars in Amar a Muerte

W Studios’ Amar a Muerte to premiere on Univision Monday, October 29 at 10pm
25 de octubre de 2018

Univision Network’s latest series Amar a Muerte, a W Studios’ original production that aims to unravel the mystery of life after death, is making its world premiere just before Halloween on Monday, October 29, at 10pm ET/PT (9pm Central).

An intricate story of crossed fates and second chances unfolds as Leon Carvajal (Alexis Ayala) a media magnate is assassinated on his wedding day at the same time a hitman in the U.S. is executed in the electric chair. The soul of the magnate reincarnates in the body of the hired assassin known as “El Chino Valdés” (Michel Brown) and, in turn, the killer’s soul winds up inhabiting a professor of anthropology played by Arturo Barba. Leon’s spirit returns to his old life in a new body not only to find out that his family is falling apart but also that his beautiful wife (Angelique Boyer) already has other plans that involve his business partner (Alejandro Nones). Each man will now have to deal with not just a new body, but how to adapt to a new spirit, as well.

Created by writer and journalist Leonardo Padrón and produced by Lemon Films for W Studios and Univision, Amar a Muerte’s stellar cast also includes, Macarena Achaga, Gonzalo Peña, Cinthia Vazquez, Jessica Mas, Henry Zakka, Nestor Rodulfo, Barbara López, Jessica Díaz, Cayetano Arámburo, Roberto Duarte and Claudia Martín as Eva Carvajal.