Patricio Wills, president of W Studios

W Studios: Descontrol is an interesting bet we strongly believe in
19 de octubre de 2017

W Studios was present at Mipcom, where its president, Patricio Wills, expressed they took three projects they are working on: El Último Dragón, the second part of La Piloto and Descontrol.

Regarding El Último Dragón he comments they just consolidated it and it will be “a project that will gain great strength”. He states this will be his main project in 2018.

As for the main star, he mentioned it will be Kuno Becker. “This is the only name we have committed to the screen”. The writers are led by Esther Feldman and the production by Televisa and Univision.

Another of the projects is La Piloto, that will start shooting in January. “La Piloto 2 is a fact... we are entering the pre-production phase, scripts are being written, it is going to be different, it's not going to be the same thing”. He reports that they will be in Mexico with Lemon Films to set up the production and the additional casting.