Patricio Wills, president of W Studios

W Studios: El Último Dragón marks a watershed in the age of narco series
Aliana González, Los Angeles|19 de mayo de 2017

“An important, big and meaningful project” is how Patricio Wills, president of W Studios, describes El Último Dragón, that closed Univision's Upfront in New York.

“It is a co-production with Televisa, that has an important budget. It will be shot in Japan, Spain, the US, and in Mexico, and is also a symbol, since we started to work once again with Arturo Pérez-Reverte six years after doing La Reina del Sur,” said Wills, which is considered “a watershed in the age of narco series”.

“It is probably the most important project I have worked on and we are betting entirely on it," he expressed.

They are currently writing the scripts and shooting will start at the end of the year, in Japan. It will include the participation of Kuno Becker, who will play the role of Miguel Garza.

El Último Dragón tells the story of a child whose parents are killed in Mexico and he is sent to Japan, where he becomes a very high-level international financial expert, a very sophisticated character who must return to Mexico. "It's not what we are used to seeing today in the traditional narco line, that is why we believe it is going to be a very important product," commented Wills.