The experienced producer Patricio Wills presides W Studios

W Studios: La Bella y las Bestias is our most recent project
Maribel Ramos-Weiner |23 de marzo de 2017

W Studios is celebrating its first year of operations and already has four upcoming projects. Two of them are already finished: La Piloto and Las Buchonas. A third one is in pre-production, El Último Dragón, and the fourth, La Bella y las Bestias, by the Colombian writer Juan Camilo Ferrand, that is currently in development.

“We are very happy about this. We are proud to have four projects in the first year of operations, and pleased to be producers for Univision and Televisa, who are our partners and patrons with whom we have a long term agreement for five to six years. We are a small company that grows when we produce” expressed Patricio Wills, president of W Studios.

La Bella y las Bestias is in pre-production and the cast has not yet been defined. “This is a story of revenge in the style of Nikita or Kill Bill. We will shoot it in Mexico under the alliance we have with Lemon Films for that market,” comments Wills.

Wills highlighted that the goals are being fulfilled, the quality of products placed on screen is truly excellent and they hope the audience will accompany them.

“We couldn´t be working closer with Univision and Televisa. The fact of having a single vision for Univision and Televisa makes W Studios’ work much easier,” he ended.