Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios

W Studios: All the previous projects prepared us for El Dragón
27 de agosto de 2019

Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios, assured that they are happy with El Dragón, because it fulfilled the financial and production goals and also achieved quality and thematic results never before seen on TV: "We finished shooting after 33 weeks, in five countries. We are ready for the world to see it". El Dragón launches on Univision in the US on September 30 at 10pm.

Bardasano explained that the writing took four years and the participation of a great work team. "It is the first time that Arturo Pérez-Reverte writes an original plot for TV and that is a great foundation. The writer is of the caliber of Esther Feldman, in charge of telling the story, with a huge team. The writers include advisors for financial, crime, and Japanese culture topics," she stated.

Regarding the complexity, excellent realization and relevance for the story of El Dragón by W Studios, she highlighted: “All the projects we did before served as preparation for this one”. She stated that, along with being in charge of the new version of Rubí for Televisa´s Fábrica de Sueños, they are already preparing their next project in a genre different from drama.