Vanessa Arias (Aurora), Thalí García (Manuela), Candela Márquez (Yuliana) and Alejandra Robles Gil (Tabata)

W Studios: Great expectations about Las Buchonas because it has an excellent script, cast and technical team
Aliana González, Caracas|03 de noviembre de 2016

The shooting of Las Buchonas, second production of W Studios after La Piloto, in alliance with Lemon Films, began on Monday October 31 in Mexico City.

“We will spend four months shooting and 100% will be made in locations. We have lots of expectations because we gathered a great script, excellent directors, producer and an unparalleled group of actors," said Carlos Bardasano, senior VP for Original Content at W Studios. They will shoot in Mexico City and also in Culiacán, in the border between Mexico and the US, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The directors are José Luis García Agraz, Felipe Aguilar and Carlos Rincones. “Las Buchonas tells the stories of drug dealers´ women. The trigger of the plot is the death of the father of one of the stars, which occurs in an unfair way, so Aurora (his daughter) is trying to clean his name and avenge his death," he explained. In the region of Sinaloa they call drug dealers´ women “buchonas” (filthy rich), because they are buchonas.

“We're very happy with this series that we have been working on with Andrés López for some time now. It finally came true with this super cast of actors with such important figures as Joaquín Cosío, Miguel Rodarte, Roberto Mateos, Arleth Terán and the special participation of Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo. The star cast is led by Vanessa Arias, Thalí García, Candela Márquez, Alejandra Robles Gil, Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Sebastián Ferrat, Juan Pablo Gil, Irineo López, Pascacio López, Frances Ondiviela, Laura Ferretti and Jorge Alberti” he stated.

It will be aired on UniMás and Televisa platforms.