Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios

W Studios: Our new project will be the adaptation of Rubí for Televisa’s Fábrica de Sueños
12 de marzo de 2019

Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios, reported that they are shooting El Último Dragón in Miami, after shooting in Tokio, Madrid and throughout Mexico. "We are at the home of W Studios and Univision, where we have done a good job. The series is turning out very well, we are extremely happy.”

One of the complexities of this production is precisely the number of countries it is shot in. The series, original from W Studios for Televisa and Univision, together with Lemon Studios, is W Studios’ most ambitious and highest-budget project to date.

"We have a bigger budget, more money than before, but I think that the competitive advantage we have is that this increase in money is reflected on the screen, favoring the story, the cast, directors, production. This is what we want to concentrate on, on having the opportunity to do things better.”

Bardasano highlighted that it all starts with the original script by Arturo Pérez Reverte and is boosted by Esther Feldman’s script work. "She was the person who proposed this challenge of telling a great story, this is our work element. We met with Pérez Reverte in Madrid. It has been the result of great teamwork".

El Último Dragón is expected to be available in June 2019. Around 300 professionals were involved in the production and the total of shooting weeks is estimated to be 32.

Bardasano also said that they are already in the pre-production phase, specífically working on the scripts of Rubí, for Televisa’s Fábrica de Sueños.