Carlos Bardasano, actress Fabiola Guajardo and, Sofía Jasín

W Studios: We’re proud to premiere the TelevisaUnivision seriela strip with Los Ricos También Lloran
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de mayo de 2022

TelevisaUnivision announced in its upfront the debut of the series slot, from Mondays to Fridays, at 10pm. The title that opens will be Los Ricos También Lloran.

“We are very proud to premiere this space of shorter series (60 episodes) with perhaps the biggest title that has ever existed on Spanish TV, Los Ricos También Lloran. There are no greatest and most iconic titles, which have traveled the most in the world. We feel a great responsibility and pressure to do it in the best way,” said Carlos Bardasano, president of TelevisaUnivision's W Studios.

For Bardasano Los Ricos también Lloran is a title that has been in the company's vault for many years, "and finally the conditions were right." He pointed out that a key part was “the great adaptation” of Esther Feldman, with whom they worked on El Dragón, and Rosa Salazar, who made La Que no Podía Amar.

“A key part was precisely the scripts, making a story that maintained the iconic essence of the characters that marked generations, which made Verónica Castro known worldwide, but, first was to make it credible nowadays, because it is a very intense story, with a lot of drama; but also for it to feel modern and contemporary. On top of that, we added some additional plots and characters, and we made fundamental changes to the story. Which was not only the mansion but also it included the office, the house, and the corporation of Salvatierra who is the great millionaire who rescues our protagonist. We translated it to something that for today’s world can be seen as something extremely real, with a very high production quality, which is the other part of the series (60 episodes), good photography, a very cinematographic work, with a lot of time to record the scenes, in order to develop these the best possible way. There is no prompter. It is something relatively short, where each chapter brings something very strong. We addressed different plots, very important, where each one of the members of the audience is going to be able to connect with some character,” he explained.

Los Ricos También Lloran would debut in September on Univision and in Mexico, Televisa has already been on the air for several months.

Bardasano said that in all the years he has been working in the industry, that include Univisión, Televisa, and others in the competition, “he had never seen these two companies so aligned and with such clear objectives, with the same owners, working on the same goal that is to grow the Hispanic market industry, but also giving us Hispanics the opportunity to tell stories to Hispanics. This creates a number of opportunities for us. The very launch of the ViX platform is incredible, the creative freedom we have and the opportunity to have our own product is the best showcase,” he concluded.