Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios

W Studios: We are looking for a strong and seducing star for Rubí
22 de marzo de 2019

The casting for Rubí, production for Televisa that is part of the proposal Fábrica de Sueños, that will start shooting in May in Mexico City, has already begun.

Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios, stated that they are looking for a star with important antagonist features. "She has to be strong, seductive and wicked, but TV viewers must be able to fall in love with her. A protagonist you can love and hate at the same time," he pointed out.

He stated that Rubí´s big dilemma is to follow what her heart or her head says. "Her head tells her that with her beauty she deserves a better world, but her heart falls in love with someone who cannot offer her the life she believes she deserves”.

Regarding the adaptation, made by the Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón, he says the best reference is to see what was done with the production of Batman in the 60s and the more current interpretations by Tim Burton or Chris Nolan. “It is modernizing the story and changing the rhythm of the storytelling, maintaining the essence of the characters," said Bardasano.

Rubí is a Televisa production made by W Studios together with Lemon Studios.