La Piloto, W Studios' first production, worked in the US and Mexico

W Studios will have a new administration
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|06 de marzo de 2018

Upon retiring from W Studios and assuming his new role in Televisa, Patricio Wills points out that the company will continue with what it has been doing, but with a new administration, a topic that will be announced soon.

W Studios will continue to produce for Televisa and Univision with “very special advanced content, and we can't lose that, the idea is to continue doing it, there is a series of products in production La Piloto, El Último Dragón, several projects in line, and others on their way”. He mentioned that now that he is entering Televisa, W Studios will continue with a very direct and now even closer relationship with Televisa.

“Televisa is a very big company that needs many production hours per year just to fill its screens. Fortunately, it is a machine that does very well with the best producers of TV in Spanish worldwide, that is why it is supremely well. What we need is to complete what we lack, to grow and give content a current topic and vigor, and that is what we are going to do," he comments.

When in W Studios, Wills produced for Televisa La Piloto, one of the most successful productions in 2017, that reached the first places in terms of audience in Mexico and the US.