Javier Maynulet, president of WAPA Televisión

WAPA América is the highest-rated Spanish-language cable network from 6am-8pm from July 15-28
10 de agosto de 2019

Extensive and comprehensive news coverage of the unprecedented demonstrations in Puerto Rico and the political fallout surrounding the island’s embattled former governor, Ricardo Rosselló, converted WAPA América into the highest-rated Spanish-language cable network from 6am – 8pm for the two-week period commencing on July 15, according to ComScore. WAPA América is the U.S. cable network arm of Puerto Rico’s leading broadcast network, WAPA Televisión.

On July 24, during the coverage leading up to the Governor's overnight resignation, WAPA América was the #1 Spanish-language cable network, peaking at nearly 300,000 households—the network’s highest audience ever.

Throughout the recent protests and political upheaval, WAPA’s intrepid and dedicated world-class news team has provided hundreds of hours of live state-of-the-art coverage from land, air, and sea. WAPA América has delivered more coverage of Puerto Rico’s political crisis than any other U.S. network.

“Puerto Rico is experiencing a pivotal moment in its history, and we’re proud to be the network delivering more news coverage of the events than any other network in Puerto Rico or the mainland. WAPA América will continue to report from the frontlines, providing updates, context and a direct connection to the mainland to the more than five million Puerto Ricans living in the continental U.S.—just as we did in the wake of Hurricane María,” said Javier Maynulet, president of WAPA Televisión.