News and original entertainment, which air on both WAPA in Puerto Rico and WAPA América, continue being the two main pillars

WAPA TV announces new programming for 2020
17 de diciembre de 2019

WAPA Television, Puerto Rico’s leading broadcast station, celebrated its achievements and shared its 2020 lineup during a glamorous and interactive upfront presentation at the iconic Luis Vigoreaux Studio on Thursday, December 12, 2019.

During the WAPA 2020 Convention, network executives, accompanied by on-air talent, shared their upcoming programming lineup, highlighting the station’s local productions, which have positioned the channel as Puerto Rico leading television network for 11 consecutive years.

News and original entertainment, which air on both WAPA in Puerto Rico and WAPA América in the U.S., continue being the two main pillars of WAPA programming.

WAPA’s news department is ready to cover the developments of the 2020 elections – both primary and general. The station will provide unique coverage of the election’s first governmental debate in Puerto Rico, and its original Decisión 2020 program will continue ensuring voters are as informed as possible when they head to the polls. NotiCentro will produce special series that will further delve into Puerto Rican politics, such as Las Verdades Internas, Los Traqueteos, La Corrupción y Las Buenas Plataformas, among others.

On the entertainment side, local productions will continue to serve as the fundamental piece of the network’s success. Pégate al Mediodía, Viva la Tarde, Lo Sé Todo, Ahí Está la Verdad, El Remix and Guerreros remain an integral part of the programming lineup for the new year.

In the new year, viewers will be able to enjoy new Turkish productions such as Amor Eterno, Alas Rotas, Sin Vergüenza, Dos Promesas y un Destino, Tierra Amarga and the highly anticipated third season of Mujer. The network will also air Brazilian series, Acoso.

The channel will also premiere numerous successful US series, including Prodigal Son, L.A. Finest, New Amsterdam, and Titans Game. To these, they will add new seasons of Hawaii 5.0, Lethal Weapon, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Night Shift, The Good Doctor, Blindspot, SWAT, NCIS and NCIS LA.