Niria Ruiz, executive producer of WAPA TV

WAPA TV: At Canal 1 we are betting on a 100% live format
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|25 de enero de 2018

Lo Sé Todo is a WAPA TV format, made by Canal 1, aired since January 22 at 8pm. The program’s hosts are Ariel “El Gordo” Osorio, Marbelle, Diana Montoya, Sara Uribe and Luisa Builes, led by Ronald Mayorga.

Niria Ruiz, executive producer of WAPA TV in charge of the program, commented that social networks will be very important in the development of Lo Sé Todo. Brands will also be an active part in an innovative way.

“We will be on the air at the beginning of prime time, with realities as our opponents, so to speak, this program is also a reality show, because it delivers live action, we live what the person goes through, day to day, at the right place and moment, conducting remote shots. It will be a great adventure,” said Ruiz.