Isabel Otero, WarnerMedia Latin America: We see many opportunities to explore in the Colombian market

WarnerMedia: Colombia is a very important country in the region
Jaime Quintero, Cartagena|11 de marzo de 2022

Isabel Otero, VP Distribution Sales NOLA (Andes, Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico) of WarnerMedia Latin America, highlighted the importance of Colombia in the region, due to its results in rating and the possibilities of content creation and production in that country.

“We see many opportunities to explore in the Colombian market. We have a large audience where Colombia and Mexico always contribute the most in building our ratings in the region, we believe that we still have a lot to do and, the truth is, people like what we do,” Otero said.

The company is not only producing original content in Colombia, but also acquiring it, as they recently did with Te la Dedico, from RCN, which had almost a simultaneous premiere on the open channel and on the platform.

“Clients and users must always have the opportunity to access the content in different ways, that is the benefit. We have to be flexible, reduce our delivery times. Part of the strategy is to sometimes premiere our own production 45 days after their premiere at the cinemas, , so the times that were once so rigid, are now more flexible and we have to change together with the audiences,” she explained.

Other titles that will be coming to HBO Max, but also to the linear signal are: Goles Limpios, Dinero Sucio, Llanto Maldito. Although 2021 was the year of launches, 2022 is where Colombian content really begins to be displayed and proliferate on the platform. They will also have Argentine, Brazilian, Mexican and Chilean productions.

There will also be premieres such as House of the Dragon, The Batman, Euphoria and The White Lotus.