El Secreto de Selena (13x60')

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07 de junio de 2018

El Secreto de Selena is a police detective thriller, based on the homonymous book by the Emmy winner, María Celeste Arrarás, that tells the facts that took place the day of Selena's murder until her murderer's life sentence conviction.

The series has 13 one-hour episodes and is co-produced by Disney Distribution Latin America, Moconoco, LatinWE and BTF Media. Alejandro Aimetta and Natalia Beristain are in charge of the direction.

Francisco Cordero from BTF, Leonardo Aranguibel and Fernando Barbosa from Disney, and María Celeste Arrarás--the official author of the story--are in charge of the executive production.

The series stars Maya Zapata, who plays the role of the singer Selena, and Damayanti Quintanar will be in charge of bringing Yolanda Saldívar, the murderer, to life. Sofía Lama and Amellali Santana are also part of the cast.