In the meeting with Lifetime, Maria Mucci, Francisca Fuenzalida, Hortensia Montesino and Carmen Larios

WAWA Business Forum´ second day witnessed 43 projects
Aliana González|19 de marzo de 2021

43 pitches directed at Lifetime, Hemisphere TV, DIRECTV, and TVC Deportes México, marked the second day of the WAWA Business Forum.

The experienced executive Emilia Nuccio described the projects as "fascinating" and the event as “a masterclass”. “I believe that this experience has been a change in the way we do business, we will continue to grow and innovate, and it will become something relevant. Channels, distributors, and executives will be wondering why they weren't there,” she said.

Carola Arze, a buyer of a Bolivian channel, described it as a great learning experience and the offer allowed her to discover new content, not defined by stereotypes.

A WAWA committee was in charge of selecting the projects that participated. Carolina Cordero explained that they tried to be inclusive: both large companies and small producers that had not had a pitch before participated. "We found it important to bring in people who do not have access to certain executives," she explained.

During the meeting with Lifetime, the producer Sofía Garrido presented a fictional documentary that tells three stories of women from different social spheres, but all of them have experienced some form of violence. Ana Ligia Jaramillo spoke on the documentary series Sobre ruedas, and Maximiliano Gutiérrez about a neuroscience project applied to sport in a meeting with TVC Deportes.