Carolina Cordero, WAWA: We launched the talks “Inspiring Minds” series last Thursday, April 8 with Danish producer Camilla Hammerich

WAWA launches its Inspiring Minds talks series
14 de abril de 2021

WAWA (Worldwide Audiovisual Woman Association) launched its talks “Inspiring Minds” series last Thursday, April 8 with Danish producer Camilla Hammerich, known for her hit Netflix series: Borgen and The Killing. The meeting brought together members of the organization to talk about the life of the talented producer, her professional career, and the ways she faces the work.

"In this context, in which collaborative content is more ever than part of the conversation, and where the phrase:" Nobody saves himself " is repeated a lot, it seemed very important for us to have a series in which our members can exchange ideas, be inspired by the experiences of other women who have made a difference and are pointing the way for many others. And sometimes in a very different scenario, as in the case of Camilla Hammerick, who, producing for a public TV network, was able during five years to develop the content of excellence, and ten years after her debut in her native country, has become a success story throughout Latin America,” said Carolina Cordero, general manager of WAWA.

Regarding the fact that Hammerick has worked in a very different reality than that of the public television stations in Latin America, Cordero said: "In the Danish context, she was able to develop the series for five years, and ten years after being broadcast in her home country it became a worldwide success thanks to Nétflix, which is already producing the fourth season.”

The talks, exclusively for WAWA members, will be done monthly, with a different guest at each opportunity. It will allow exchanging experiences and analyzing the reality of the industry from the perspective of the most outstanding female referents in the audiovisual media.