Carolina Cordero is one of the producers of Mujeres Extraordinarias

WAWA: Start of production of Mujeres Extraordinarias
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de julio de 2020

WAWA announced the start of the production Mujeres Extraordinarias, the series they announced in Natpe, which they are producing together with Carolina Cordero, María Eugenia Muci, and María Elena Useche. The announcement was made by Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, general manager and partner of Tondero Distribución and founder of WAWA, during the Open Mic held on Thursday, July 16.

“It is a series that seeks to inspire with stories about anonymous heroines, that tells us that women can succeed despite adversity," said Gómez de la Torre.

Liliam Hernández, CEO of Universal Cinergia Dubbing and founder of WAWA, also made an announcement: The call for a short film contest with human rights topics. This is another alliance with Lifetime, after the successful result of the masterclass. “We are looking for stories that show light on equality, but I would call them wawametrajes,” said Hernández.

Carolina Restrepo, Marketing Director of Lifetime, said that the invitation is for women in the industry and that the call will be launched on August 10. “We invite you to light up equality in any aspect, for you to amplify and raise your voice".

Roxana Rotundo, chair of the Board of Directors of WAWA, highlighted that these accomplishments are the result of the efforts of the five committees that work at WAWA and invited the audience to be part of these and other initiatives.