Juliana Algañaraz from Endemol: We have made MasterChef, Canta Conmigo Teen, and the third season of Cabelo Pantene during the pandemic

We are a benchmark in the application of protocols
Aliana González, Mexico City|27 de octubre de 2020

Juliana Algañaraz, CEO of Endemol Shine Brasil, stated that during the pandemic they have made MasterChef, Canta Conmigo Teen, a reality for Amazon, in addition to the third season of Cabelo Pantene, all using strict protocols to protect their team and talent from COVID-19, without having any positive case. “We have become a benchmark in the application of protocols in the region and in the group" she explained.

In the case of MasterChef, the changed the structure with the aim to make 24 individual episodes—it was the first they did during the pandemic—, while the last episode of Fora de Rota, a kitchen reality with Alexa Tala, was also made with special measures (they had already shot the first episodes before the pandemic).

As for Canta Conmigo Teen, one of the most recent, she detailed that it is taking place at a moment of maturity, not only of format but of the learning they have accumulated on producing with protocols, which was key at this moment when the pandemic is being prolonged and clients need content.

Algañaraz explained that last year they shot in the facilities in Brazil the Colombian version of Canta Conmigo. “We did very well and were about to do it this year as well, but the problem was the coronavirus with the complications of flights and transfers. It is such a big structure, with such high production values that other smaller Latin American markets would not be able to pay for it, that is why the creation of this hub makes sense, and for them to make the most of it," she said.