The campaign BK was distinguished in four categories

We Believers and the community honored at ANDY Awards 2021
12 de abril de 2021

We Believers with Global Burger King Global and the community with Oreo were winners at the ANDY Awards 2021.

In the Reset, Idea, Bravery and Craft categories, We Believers was a big winner at this year’s ANDY Awards thanks to the BK Cows’ Menu campaign that the agency created for Burger King Global.

The campaign shows the contributions Burger King makes toward reducing methane in the atmosphere, given that cattle cause some 14.5 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions, according to data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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For The OREO Doomsday Vault campaign, the community was honored in the Idea and Craft categories at the ANDY Awards 2021.

About the Global OREO Vault
Oreo together with the community made use of the NASA announcement that an asteroid was headed toward Earth last Nov. 2, as a way to show that even if some apocalyptic event should occur, the cookie brand would survive.

In the commercial, the brand creates a vault that is proof against asteroids – the Global OREO Vault – as a place to store and provide secure protection for the cookie’s recipe, some samples and some powdered milk (the perfect accompaniment if a little snow is added). It is located in a permafrost area close to the famed Svalbard Global Seed Vault that is halfway between the North Pole and Norway(78°08'58.1"N, 16°01'59.7"E) .

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