Miguel Vives from The Walt Disney Mexico: We have a 360ºx365 strategy to be in consumers' lives with our products and platforms

We have this 360º and 365 vision
02 de marzo de 2021

“As the general director in Brazil, I did not handle the part of ESPN. However, now in Mexico, I am proud to lead ESPN with an amazing team, of which I am part. And the fight with Canelo, last Saturday, February 27, was the second one we had. It has been thanks to the excellent work done by Fernando Barbosa that we could have this fight on ESPN," said Miguel Vives, General Manager of The Walt Disney Company in Mexico on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra.

Vives, a native of Veracruz, Mexico, assumed the management of all the company's businesses in Mexico at the end of last year. He came from Brazil, where he had the same position for ten years ("I even became a Brazilian national and have a Brazilian passport") but as he says, there he didn't have the responsibility of the TV channels, which he now has. Fernando Barbosa (“Mi Hermano del Alma”), also from Veracruz, in addition to being in charge of production and distribution of the contents, with the position of general manager of Media Networks at Disney Latin America, is a renowned boxing commentator, and thanks to his knowledge and contacts, the fight between Canelo Álvarez and his challenger, Avni Yildirim, was possible.

In addition to his position as #1 in Mexico, Vives is also a leader for all Latin America of Consumer Products, Game, and Publishing at Disney, a company in which he has been for 23 years, always in his native country, except for the decade he operated in Brazil. He reports directly to Diego Lerner, president of Disney in the region and mentor of many of his executives, including Miguel and Fernando.

“We have this 360º and 365 vision. 360º refers to how you can live in consumers' lives: you wake up with a superhero pajama; your toothbrush and even your toothpaste are superheroes'; you go take a shower and there is a superhero shampoo; in the home office, your pen and your notebook are also superheroes' and when you have some free time, you sit down with your children to watch Disney+ and find the superheroes. In this same sense, we have everything from Lucas, Star Wars, Pixar, Princesas. It is being in someone's life every minute through our contents and our platforms, and the magical thing is we are there 365 days a year".

Diego Lerner himself has referred to Vives as “a versatile executive with a unique leadership and remarkable business skills".

“At Disney+ we have our 24x7 portfolio with all our lifelong contents, plus the new productions we will gradually add. As for the US, we announced 100 new productions in December, in addition to everything we are doing locally, which in Latin America are 70 productions, of which 21 come from Mexico. They are co-productions with the participation of important actors, each one is different. It is the most interesting part of what our in-home business is today. We also have Radio Disney, which is stronger every day in homes".

In the conversation, Vives covered other topics such as races and events they are preparing for when people can go out again, such as one for Mother's Day. He spoke about boosting the return to the parks of the 2.5 million Mexicans that used to visit Disneyland in California and Florida; he mentioned the diversity and inclusion all Disney productions have always had and the love he feels for what he does.

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