Guillermo Pendino, Telefe (ViacomCBS); Jimmy Arteaga, WAPA TV Puerto Rico/ Canal 1 Colombia and, Patricio Hernández, Megamedia Chile

Webinar PRODU: Open TV generates community and loyalty
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|12 de junio de 2020

The third PRODU Webinar, titled Los Desafíos de Programar TV Abierta en Tiempos de Crisis (The Challenges of Programming Open TV in times of Crisis), gathered Guillermo Pendino, Brand Head of Telefe (ViacomCBS); Patricio Hernández, Executive Director of Megamedia from Chile; and Jimmy Arteaga, presidente of Programming, Production and Promotions at WAPA TV Puerto Rico/ Canal 1 Colombia.

Pendino, from Telefe, assured that the situation confirmed the adaptation capability and rapid reaction of the ViacomCBS team. “All the areas came together to adapt to the new normal”. He highlighted that television is in constant transformation and is the media that will always be there when people need it because it is the only one that reaches everyone.

Arteaga, from WAPA TV, mentioned that all programmers have had to evaluate the economic impact versus the responsibility of informing and entertaining inherent in television. "I think that TV viewers have understood that if they saw a talent a bit less well-groomed or with less makeup, it didn't matter, people understood the sacrifice of reporters, hosts, and all of us who are in TV more than the business itself," he explained.

Hernández, from Megamedia, maintained that in this situation, the audience did not turn to social networks to feel accompanied. The pandemic proved that open TV is more alive and more necessary than ever because instead of dividing audiences, it generates community. He explained that the Chilean open TV audience grew by 25%. “It is an opportunity to assert ourselves, although today our advertisers are not investing, it proves the tremendous conversion power we have".

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