Fernando Muñiz, director of Televisa Internacional and Televisa Networks: Our numbers are very high 

With the audience increase, advertisers are appearing
Aliana González, Mexico City|16 de abril de 2020

Fernando Muñiz, director of Televisa Internacional and Televisa Networks, was on #VisitaPRODU where he commented that the audience has grown in these times of quarantine due to the sanitary emergency, and with the increase in ratings, advertisers are starting to appear.

“Television is gathering the family around it once again. Our numbers are very high. At first, there were cancellations, but when they realized that the share began to rise, people started investing," he said.

He commented that productions are going to change due to what mankind is currently facing, therefore in Televisa, there is already a team of creatives directed by Jorge Eduardo Murguía and Carlos Murguía, that is working on innovations. “It is a laboratory that is working very well, they have very fresh ideas," he furthered.

Additionally, he commented that in Televisa Internacional they are thinking about migrating to digital. “We are exploring the possibility of doing something exclusive from Televisa. Obviously, it is the future for us and we want to see how we can make alliances with local operators and go straight to consumers because we have 500 thousand hours of the library we could use," he said, after emphasizing that Televisa is an icon or reference in Latin America and the Hispanic world, exactly like Disney or HBO, hence the value of classical and current content in the Televisa library.

Muñiz reported that the teams they work with are doing home office, complying with the recommendations and have been able to serve their clients in every aspect.

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