Patricio Rabuffetti from Non Stop will continue working with Disney, developing prime content and offering high-range services

Working on four important projects in Los Angeles
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|17 de noviembre de 2020

After many years living in Spain, the outstanding producer Patricio Rabuffetti, CEO of Non Stop, has moved to the region of the US and Mexico to personally take care of the development and consolidation of their operation, with two specific goals: develop their own infrastructure to make end-to-end in this region and disembark with productions in English from Los Angeles.

Additionally, he will continue working with Disney, developing prime content, offering high-range services, and working with other platforms.

They are currently working on four important projects in Los Angeles: co-producing Santa Evita with Disney/Fox; co-producing in English a miniseries based on the intimate diary of Frida Kahlo; pre-producing a series on the life of Fidel Castro, and establishing a new production company with two relevant partners with whom they are working for Netflix and other productions in English and Spanish that they will soon be able to announce.

“I have had the good fortune to find a place where I gather passion, hobby and work in the same activity, that is audiovisual production,” said Rabuffetti about his career.

“This has a lot of good things and a bad one. The good thing is that you devote hours and hours with enthusiasm and the eagerness that results from your passion, and the bad one: sometimes you have less time to share with your family and loved ones than someone who works for a company and keeps a schedule," he added.

According to Rabuffetti, the industry is heading towards a B2C business and to an irruption of many important platforms that must be distinguished and "seduced" with their proposals.