Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital: Working to better understand our audiences

Working to make increasingly more intelligent advertising
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de octubre de 2020

Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, commented on PRODU Webinar Digital Strategies in Times of Pandemic that they are working to better understand their audiences and walk towards more intelligent advertising. “Advertising needs to be modernized. In this sense we are making very big synergies with companies,” he said.

He explained that advertising is now more spread and automated, and has become fairer, "in the sense that the pay is higher the more you know about the person you are presenting the information to," he detailed. They are working in this direction on alliances as part of their strategy, leveraging on TV, because it is one of their differentiators, but without depending entirely on it.

During the pandemic, they have generated a great deal of innovative content. One of the examples he gave is about Facebook Live themes, for which they brought all the plant talent as partners. “In sports we launched a product called Botanero with our main hosts, Martinoli and Luis García, interviewing not only sports but entertainment celebrities, too," commented Aliaga, after mentioning that it was all sponsored. “Brands got involved in this type of initiative because it was a different concept, in which you took sports commentators out of their comfort zone to do entertainment," he furthered.

They also did sponsor Master Classes, Instagram TV, initiatives on YouTube, in different formats, vertical and horizontal, playing with different options. “Some work well, others not so much, but the audience had options to choose”.

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