Noah Jones, moderator; Alejandro Uribe, Exile; Derek Stoops, Clovis Entertainment and Juan Maldonado, Litopos Producciones

Wrestling drive-ins a way to delivering fresh content
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|01 de diciembre de 2020

In the case of TV Azteca and Space in Mexico, the creation of new formats to continue delivering fresh and original wrestling content to their clients was one of the examples that Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones gave regarding how they have adapted to produce during the pandemic.

Maldonado, together with Alejandro Uribe, CEO of Exile, and Derek Stoops, executive VP at Clovis Entertainment, participated in the panel Optimization of Scripted and Non-scripted Premium Content on the last day of MIPCancun.

“We managed to produce the wrestling experience behind closed doors, with safety protocols, against covid, but we also did a cycle of a month of wrestling drive-in, where the audience sees it from their car and can listen to it on their FM radio. They can also buy a cabin on their mobile phone and watch the production with the cameras of the show on a big screen or on their cell phone. It was very successful because we continue delivering content to our clients, such as Azteca and Space, offering a wrestling show for every Saturday," commented Maldonado.

Stoops mentioned that Clovis is focusing on making great content that organically fits in markets such as Germany, France, Scandinavia, or Italy, where they mix scripts from the US with production from Europe to create unique premium content. Stoops added that the entry barrier for an independent producer is not as challenging as it used to be. “The IP continues making a big difference, relations, talent, and production values, there are a lot of people looking for content and it is no longer so difficult to find a buyer,” he ended.