Jason George stated that there is nothing magical in writers´ work

Writer and producer Jason George: It is important to talk about stories with the entire team
14 de febrero de 2019

Jason George, who collaborated in writing series like Scandal or Narcos, participated in the Netflix Forum with the presentation Dentro de la Sala de Escritores, together with Natasha Ybarra-Klor (Ingobernable), who was in charge of the introduction.

George conducted a dynamic activity with the attendees to recreate the process in a writers´ room and how ideas travel from the pages to the screen. He highlighted that last year he worked with Netflix and one of the things they learned was that it is important to talk about the stories that are being developed with the entire team in order to find new voices: “A good idea can come from anyone.”

Meanwhile, Ybarra-Klor described a writers´ table as it was 25 years ago: a table full of fast food, lost of thick cigarette smoke and writers, mainly men, in heated discussions over imagination topics. In her opinion, the formula of the writers´ table has not changed much since then, what has changed is the ´who´, there is more and more diversity, and the ´hows´, due to the time dedicated to discussions, execution, and rewriting: "We Mexicans are better prepared than ever to fulfill the expectations of a global audience."