Writer César Gándara and producer Harold Sánchez from Tres Milagros

Writer César Gándara from Tres Milagros: This series is an example of different content in the changing industry
Vanessa Maldonado|27 de marzo de 2018

A few weeks before the debut of Tres Milagros (60x60’), a co-production between TV Azteca and Sony/Teleset, that will be aired on Azteca Uno at 9:30pm, the producer Harold Sánchez and the writer César Gándara offered details on the adaptation to Mexico of the homonymous story produced by RCN Television in 2011, ensuring that it is placed in the Mexican reality, in the light of changing television and an increasingly demanding audience.

Directed by Camilo Vega and Carlos Bolado, this production depicts three different realities, which implied, in terms of production, the recreation of four different periods (´85, ´95, 2003 and the present), by means of 200 sets, 331 actors, three work units: the first with 22 weeks for shooting, the second with 17 and the third with 4 weeks; and a work rhythm that enabled them to finish before the established deadline.

“Our series stems somewhat from the original Colombian one. The transcription and adaptation work has been complex, because there are three universes to be covered in each episode. We have tried to exceed the high bar set by our series in the Colombian reference,” commented Harold Sánchez, producer of Tres Milagros.

Meanwhile, the writer and adaptor of the series César Gándara, mentioned that the bet is to make a quality series in which the structure was different from what the audience is used to, “with a big mosaic of the Mexican reality, including situations the TV viewers feel related with. The TV industry is changing and I am sure this series is an example of this.”