Juan Camilo Ferrand with the children of El Capitán, Gregory and Erika

Writer Juan Camilo Ferrand: El Capitán Camacho, which will be launched by MundoFOX EE UU, is one of the most important challenges in my career
26 de marzo de 2015

MundoFOX is launching in the US, the series El Capitán Camacho, a FOXTelecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico production, written by Colombian Juan Camilo Ferrand. The debut will be on Sunday at 8pm. Ferrand spoke to PRODU about the teleseries which he finished before teaming up with Imagina US to create The Story Nest last year. "This is one of those stories that are necessary nowadays: with a flesh and blood heroe who, through his example, inspires those who know his life path. The journey of a man who was born in the first half of the XX century and decided to leave behind his beloved country to seek fortune in the neighbor of the North, where he found a job, dedication and a great corporate and humanistic vision", expressed Ferrand. He said that writing this story has been one of the biggest challenges in his career, "not only because of facing a vintage piece, but also because this time I did it in the context of a country that is not my own. I had a group of writers, the Mexicans Anna Bolena Meléndez and Adriana Pelusi, and the Colombian Mariangélica Duque, who helped me with the day to day writing, as well as a Mexican researcher who was ready for any historical, social or political enquiry of the period. The quality of the production is extraordinary and more than one will surely be surprised". To write El Capitán Camacho, Ferrand travelled several times to Mexico, once to the city of Puebla, where the children of El Capitán live. "There I was able to talk to them, listen to the stories they treasure about their father and witness the legacy he left with the construction of the African Safari, a pride for Mexico and Puebla".