Juan Camilo Ferrand, author of the series El Rey del Valle

Writer Juan Camilo Ferrand: With El Rey del Valle I am fulfilling my dream of making comedy for TV
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|28 de agosto de 2018

For Juan Camilo Ferrand, author of the series El Rey del Valle (13x60’), a Sony Pictures Television production, that has its debut on Thursday on Claro Video for the region, was a goal he fulfilled of writing a comedy for TV.

“People who know me are aware that I can do black comedy, it comes naturally to me. Making a comedy was something I had on my list. This series is very Latin and Colombian. The story takes place in Mexico City, Antioquia, and Bogota,” comments Ferrand.

The writer expressed that the idea for El Rey del Valle appeared as a response to many requests he received of writing more narcoseries and for him, this genre is already “worn out”, so he wanted to do something different. “What I did was shift it. For me, it is natural to make a satire of the genre. I congratulate Claro Video and Sony for betting on something innovative”.

Broadly speaking, the story is centered on two high-class men who are narcoseries fans who think they know everything about drug dealing, after watching so many narcoseries. They decide to venture into that world, thinking they will manage to do it once successfully. “From minute one, everything goes wrong for them. There are going to be dramatic moments, but it is obvious it is a comedy,” he explains.

The name El Rey del Valle is a parody of today´s narcoseries.

Osvaldo Benavides, Paulina Gaitán, and Daniel Tovar are the stars. The director is Rodrigo Ugalde and the producer Silvia Durán.