Juan Carlos Alcalá

Writer Juan Carlos Alcalá from Televisa: With Tres Veces Ana we wanted to do something entirely different from the original, Lazos de Amor
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|01 de septiembre de 2016

The telenovela Tres Veces Ana (122x60’), currently broadcast by Televisa at 8pm on Las Estrellas, is considered by Juan Carlos Alcalá -chief of the writers team- one of the last long stories. From now on, projects will be shorter to satisfy consumption needs of the current audience that watches TV nowadays. "The entire production team is trying to do something different, innovative, attempting to leave its mark and gradually transform telenovelas into what the audience wants to see now. It is a difficult job to get out of our comfort zone, but technology also brings new ways of writing and adapting stories. This is one of the last ones that is going to be long, and as writers we appreciate that, because it gives us the possibility of closing with strength and telling the plot in a faster way and with a different structure,” explained the writer. He highlighted that for this story -adaptation of Lazos de Amor, produced by Carla Estrada in 1995- they only used the spine of the original one, and managed to combine thriller elements with intrigue and love: “The high melodramatic level remains the same, but with the ingredient of a psychological thriller,” he added. According to the consulting agency HR Ratings, on its debut week, from August 22 to 28, Tres Veces Ana achieved in the Metropolitan area and Valley of Mexico, an approximate audience of 12.5 points, below Mujeres de Negro that obtained 12.9 points and Vino el Amor with 15.6 points.