Xavier Gutiérrez

Xavier Gutierrez of NHL: Sports unite communities
24 de noviembre de 2021

Xavier Gutierrez is the first Latino president and executive director in National Hockey League history. From that position he seeks to attract a wide range of fans and use the power of sports to make his mark.

In his opinion, including the Latino community is relevant to the U.S. economy and particularly to the country’s sports industry. “If we see who buy tickets to the big game and related merchandise, or who follow the players on social media, they are largely Latinos and young people,” he said.

Gutierrez, who was born in Mexico but grew up and attended school in California, believes a company will not be successful if it fails to include the Latino community in its strategies and in other areas of the firm.

He added that he considers sports an opportunity to impact other people’s lives: “Sports unite communities – they’re not just entertainment.”

Among his dreams is that the NHL will forge a serious connection with the Latino community and its families. “We want the young men and women to bring along their grandparents, their cousins…and though this is not a sport followed by all Latinos, it’s part of our lives. I hope ice hockey begins to have a greater presence in our community and wins a solid Latino following,” he said.

Gutierrez was named president and executive director of the Arizona Coyotes, which made him the first Latino to head a team in National Hockey League history, and one of the few that has done so in a leading sport in the United States.