Yeshuah Castillo, Olympusat´s Original Products VP
Yeshuah Castillo from Olympusat: Seeking partnerships with production companies
Carmen Pizano, Cannes|25 de octubre de 2016

In the context of Mipcom 2016, Olympusat announced they are seeking alliances with production and co-production companies in Latin America to make series and films. Yeshuah Castillo, the company´s Original Products VP, commented with PRODU that they have expanded their production team for series and movies, so they are looking for allies in the region.

“We have recently expanded our production teams for series and films, and we´re looking for production and co-production companies in Mexico and Latin America that are interested in making co-productions with us, focused on romantic comedies, action and dramas. We just produced in Colombia, we are about to in Peru and in Guadalajara. In Mexico, we already have six productions, for now,” said the executive.

Regarding the channel, Ultra Clásico, Castillo commented that it is already distributed and they will launch it through Vemox on Amazon Fire. He highlighted that they currently have 550 films ready for distribution in Europe and mentioned that so far, distribution negotiations with Germany and other countries in the old continent are progressing well.

“We are seeking more distribution and more classic content to purchase. There are still several contracts we must finish, and film libraries pending for scanning. We also continue to seek catalogues outside Mexican cinema, possibly in Argentina and European content we can translate.”