Ali “AJ” Cheaytelli, producer of Otila Entertainment, and his filmmaking partner, Prashanth Vanchy, from Prescient Global Productions, created this drama/cartel thriller series project

Youth series project Jammerz distributed by Spanglish Movies was presented at MIP Cancun
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de noviembre de 2023

Ali “AJ” Cheaytelli, producer of Otila Entertainment (Los Angeles), and his filmmaking partner, Prashanth Vanchy, from Prescient Global Productions, created a drama/cartel thriller series project titled Jammerz, which revolves around five young, Generation Z girls, members of a roller derby team in Miami, who become entangled in the dangerous world of cartels and the DEA after unwittingly becoming involved in the sale of fentanyl-laced with cocaine. The project will be presented at MIP Cancun by Spanglish Movies, which is distributing it.

“We are delighted to be part of an innovative IP such as Jammerz, that combines the thrill of Breaking Bad with the sexy characters of Outer Banks. This series presents convincing characters, landscapes from Miami Beach, high-octane action, intelligent intrigues, and the world of drug trafficking. Thanks to our new collaboration with the Miami Dade Film Commission, we will take Jammerz to important events like MIP Cancun, Content Americas, and NATPE Global in search of a platform that recognizes its potential to attract viewers from different markets, including US Hispanics, the general market, Latin America, and the international youth demographic" expressed Gustavo Aparicio, CEO and founder of Spanglish Movies.

Cheaytelli comments that the series project is thought for three seasons. "The first eight 58-minute episodes have already been written and we have the pilot. The show has the possibility of being extended to more seasons because, although it is based in Miami, Florida, it can go to other territories such as Spain. It is a very relevant topic" he said.

He mentioned that being such a strong topic, it took him a while to find receptivity for the project, "but now, two years later, there is greater sensitivity about this". Cheaytelli expressed that the intention is for everything to unfold in Miami, and now the fact that the Miami-Dade Film Commission is seeking to return with the incentives is an additional advantage.

Regarding the window to exhibit this content, Cheaytelli mentioned that he would like it to be a streaming platform, but it is also ideal for pay TV channels such as HBO.

Watch the clip of the pilot of Jammerz