Karen Budell, Head of Brand Content & Narratives at YouTube Ads

YouTube: The primetime is now personal

22 de febrero de 2019

Karen Budell, Head of Brand Content & Narratives at YouTube Ads, began her talk asking the audience what their interests are. In her opinion, that is how you build primetime for each user that consumes content on the platform, in a new digital reality in which viewers, and not channels nor media, are in control.

Brands must adapt to the new rules and commit to improving their audience to achieve results and she summarizes it in three key steps: the first is to connect with viewers´ passions, rely on the creators of YouTube, and lastly, be useful and encourage actions regarding contents.

“It is essential for brands to understand what content their target audience is watching, at what time, what are the keywords. Here are all the insights to create content more adapted to what they want. People can choose what they want to watch and adjust their primetime to their schedule, the video is extremely personal," she stated.

As for the creators of YouTube, she showed a success case with Mattel in which the brand relied on the leverage of influencers to create a music video in which they displayed their products. The result was more than 27 views and an increase of 184% in searches, as well as 18 thousand users subscribed to their channel.

Regarding value content, she said that 50% of buyers ascertain that it has helped them decide what brand or product to buy: "Useful content can answer people´s questions, encourage an idea, and enable action," she ended.