The star of the show, Giselle Torres is a well-known Youtuber

Youtuber Giselle Torres stars in Primo TV’s first original scripted series, Five @305

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|03 de abril de 2018

Primo TV (Vme Media Inc.) launches its first original scripted series: Five @305 (26x30’) on Thursday, April 5 in the 9pm schedule in the US.

The show, created by Broadway Musical Theatre LLC. and produced by Richard and Angélica Torres, who is also the director, has the Youtuber Giselle Torres as the main figure together with the talents Fernanda de la Garza, Christian Harb, Alejandro Quintero and Javier Luna. These young people have developed a special relationship on and off the set because they have been working together for several years.

“My character on the show is a bit like the mother of the house, who is always trying to solve problems, even if she ends up making things worse at the end. Since I was two, I’ve loved to be on stage. My other had a musical theater company most of us were in. That´s why I know these wonderful people who are with me on the show,” expressed Giselle, who has around 2 million followers on YouTube.

Fernanda, who plays the role of Jennifer on Five @305, knows Giselle since she was a child because she was her babysitter. “Jennifer is a little neurotic. She has a lot of energy and is a very good gamer,” she highlights.

The Spanish Javier (Javi) began as an Abercrombie & Fitch and Cartier model, and later did works with Telecinco España, Violetta with Disney Channel, Sony Music, and Warner Music. “In Mexico, I met Giselle and there we did several musical videos,” he mentioned and added that he is thrilled with this project since it is the first time he does comedy.

Christian mentioned he is “the diva of the show”. This is the biggest production he has worked in. Previously he was on Nickelodeon, in Every Which Way, as Beau, the lizard guy.

Alejandro comments that he has to play the funny guy in the program. “I hope everyone likes it and they laugh with us”.