Javier López Casella during Convergencia in Mexico

Zee Mundo: Mexico is our greatest Hispanic market in Latin America in cable TV
12 de julio de 2019

Javier López Casella, general manager for the US Hispanic market and Latin America at Zee Entertainment, commented during the Convergencia Show Mexico that they have distribution in 170 countries, 40 channels and “Zee Mundo is the first channel of Bollywood movies in Spanish coming to Latin America and the US Hispanic market."

Although it was launched two years ago, they already arrived at 7 million subscribers in the entire region. According to what he commented. Mexico is its first Hispanic market in Latin America in cable television, "but was also the place where we had the greatest reception from people."

They went from one million to 5 million subscribers in Mexico in a few months, he added.

The executive explained that they do comedy, terror, romance, action, all kinds of films, but with the same quality that studios in the US, with the difference that their range of topics ends with a familiar, social message. "They are very lively, colorful movies."

The Zee Mundo signal is free, “we don`t the operator for them to place it and offer it to 100% of their subscribers, and thanks to this we are having an amazing spread”.

He assured that they have channel 24 horas free for all operators, but they also have their own OTT platform that can be seen anywhere in the world. "What is paid is low demand content." Casella pointed out that they already have 17 thousand subscribers.