Fernando Gualda, VP Head of Distribution and Ad Sales Latin America at ZooMoo Networks

ZooMoo expects to reach 25 million users in the US by 2016

Adrián Carrasco|03 de diciembre de 2015

Fernando Gualda, VP Head of Distribution and Ad Sales Latin America at {ZooMoo Networks;america.zoomoo.tv} spoke to PRODU about the results obtained in the year 2015 by the children's entertainment channel, which has been in the Latin market since 2014. The executive expressed his satisfaction regarding the fact that they are in the US since October 15th with more than 10 million subscribers and that they are focused on reaching in 2016 a total of 25 million subscribers. As for contents, Gualda assures that they have 60 series and more than 4 thousand segments in their programming, produced in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. ZooMoo´s intention is that for them to start producing in Latin America in 2016, because of the great production quality they have noticed in the region. Fernando Gualda assures that ZooMoo is different from other channels in that they seek to connect children with nature and animals, generating in them a sustainable consciousness, managing -thanks to the rhythm of its contents- to get consumers to concentrate, learn, relax and develop artistic abilities. To conclude, he added that the contents are in streaming since they have all the online broadcast rights, and the children´s channel also has applications in Google and Apple Store to be able to access with different devices.