The agency logo centralizes all the information in an organic way
An evolving Zubi rebrands to celebrate its values
30 de julio de 2020

Zubi has entered an evolution process and is celebrating its values, the ad agency’s Executive Director Ivan Calle said, and further explained what the rebranding process has been like.

“We are fearless champions dedicated to building brands with creative ideas because we are always creative first. We began with a logo that had life and a youthful spirit that could adapt to each day and above all, would grow with the agency and represent this new force. That is where everything began. We wanted to breathe this new energy into the agency: we created welcome kits, redesigned our stationery and business cards, bought skateboards, caps, absolutely everything including our website, our digital face," Calle said.

Another important aspect was the relaunch of the web page, which, according to Zubi Growth Marketing VP Pablo Miro, has been key in the current context. “In the past, companies showed off their offices as proof of their success,” he said. “Today both our website and our social media play a very similar role. They become the gateway to our philosophy, our work standard, our agency culture and much more. By entering our social media, you are already involved in our culture."

On the website, the agency logo centralizes all the information in an organic way. "This was something very important to our vision when designing it. We were also aiming to have a dynamic site with a fluency of movement. That’s why almost all the elements on the site are animated," added Zubi Associate Digital Creative Director Francisco Sanchez.

Sanchez added that on the site they also chose an approach much more oriented to the agency’s work and its people, with Tere Zubizarreta at the center of everything. “That’s why on this new site we have sections we never had before, like Our Founder, which is a small tribute to our founder. We also have an interactive VR experience where a visitor can do a tour of El Rincón de Tere (Tere’s Corner), a physical space in the agency dedicated to her. We also have the Our Culture section that is 100 percent focused on the day-to-day activities of ZubiFamily and ZubiLife.