Henry Gómez, Director, Planning, Research & Analytics from Zubi

OPINIÓN- Henry Gómez of Zubi: We challenged ourselves to relaunch Zubi

14 de marzo de 2019 | Leer en Inglés

There’s a proverb that the shoemaker’s kids go barefoot. It’s true for agencies too, spending their energy thinking about client brands and neglecting their own. We challenged ourselves to relaunch Zubi and it’s been the most rewarding assignment of my career. In Hispanic advertising, the overall brand positioning is usually devised by others. This time, we got to do it for ourselves.
As a student of history and advertising, this job really excited me. Our Founder, Tere Zubizarreta†, is an AAF Hall-of-Famer, alongside greats like David Ogilvy. Using other brands that were successfully reimagined as our example, we realized the key to our future must lie in our past. So, we distilled the things that made Tere who she was, into a business philosophy and culture that can live on.
In December, we used what’s normally “down time” to put it all together and felt we were onto something big, judging from the reactions of key people along the way.
The end result is that, on the business side, Zubi is broadening to add new multicultural, lifestyle, behavioral and geographic segments to our Hispanic expertise. We think so-called total market approaches are incapable of tapping into the opportunities such segments represent. Culturally, it boils down to two words: Fearless Champions, shorthand for living up to Tere’s example.
The response to the new Zubi is overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to those contributed, including colleagues, mentors and my predecessor. If Zubi is a rocket ship, poised for takeoff, they all helped build it.
Henry Gómez 
Director, Planning, Research & Analytics