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Martín Hernández

Argos: We are building six ATMOS rooms for sound edition

26 de julio de 2019

Aliana González

The complement Argos Comunicación was missing to achieve quality in all areas was sound. But since the renowned sound editor, nominated to the Oscar for Birdman and Revenant, Martín Hernández, arrived in January this year, the landscape changed.

Now, they are building new rooms for sound edition that will be ready at some point in the last four months of the year, while Hernández works on the human team that he will lead. "It is an essential change in the structure of sound post production" highlighted Hernández. The most important thing is for the concept of the sound design to start from the beginning of the project.

“At the same time, they cannot stop sound production because they are making series. Then the solution was two-headed, it was necessary to solve the problem of production, and at the same time, create the foundations and the project for the future," he stated.

He explained that they are looking for 20-30 year-old editors to train them in this concept and build a team. The main change is in the structure, because there is an order to record direct sound, as well as editorial tasks, dialogues, ambience, effects or music. "There are specific ways to do all these things,” he added.

Having edition rooms in ATMOS (which adds an additional layer of speakers in the ceiling and creates an effect of greater environment) is the future of sound, which is often used in cinema but is still new for TV consumers.

All these rooms are Dolby ATMOS with Avid system, designed by the renowned sound engineer Horacio Malvicino.

26 de julio de 2019