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Antonio Briceño, Deputy Managing Director at beIN SPORTS for the US and Canada

beIN SPORTS: We continue to expand distribution mechanisms to reach fans interested in our content

18 de julio de 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

beIN SPORTS has been consolidating in the last several months distribution agreements with non-traditional operators such as Vivicast, Sony PlayStation Vue and, and remains in conversations with independent operators gathered at NCTC.

“beIN SPORTS´ mission has always been to expand distribution mechanisms to reach the greatest number of fans interested in our content. We continue working on consolidating individual agreements with the systems we are still lacking, whether digital or traditional," expresses Antonio Briceño, Deputy Managing Director at beIN SPORTS for the US and Canada.

In the case of Sony Playstation Vue, Briceño highlighted the agreement, since it is an operator who is distributing the signal once again and “proves that clients are interested in beIN SPORTS´ content and that the rates we have in the market are competitive."

He added that they are also renewing agreements in Canada, another market that Briceño supervises.

Regarding Comcast and the recent decision of FCC, Briceño considers it is “bittersweetness” because, although it is a good thing that the FCC Media Bureau for the first time recognized that beIN SPORTS is a channel with the same programming and quality as the Comcast signal NBC Sports, and should, therefore, be treated the same way, the bureau decided that Comcast has the commercial right to not accept beIN SPORTS on their grid. Now, beIN SPORTS is analyzing the mechanisms to appeal the decision.

Briceño commented that the renovation of the measurement agreement with Nielsen brings two tools to address more specific targets for advertising sales that did not exist six years ago.

18 de julio de 2019