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Yolanda Giordani, responsible for CincoMAS

CincoMAS: Pay TV will always have the live factor people are looking for

10 de septiembre de 2019

Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires

Live content is the big differential of CincoMAS, Mediaset from Spain´s international signal.

“The live factor provides us with an interactive viewer who empathizes with what he is seeing on the screen, and this creates a complicity link that is very important for us. Our programming has daily and weekly magazines like El Programa de Ana Rosa, Sálvame or Sálvame Deluxe, referential daily newscasts in Spain, and, since this year, big international formats like Got Talent. There are successful series such as Sé Quién Eres or La Que Se Avecina and news coverages,” reported Yolanda Giordani, responsible for the channel.

All its programming is 100% their own production and in upcoming months they will launch the docuseries Grupo 2: Homicidios, that depicts the most shocking crimes in Spain; Paquirri a biopic of the bullfighter Francisco Rivera, 35 after his death; and La Vida Con Samanta, a new program of the host Samanta Villar.

According to the executive, the industry must be on the lookout for new consumption habits and act rapidly to be able to maintain its current subscribers and attract new ones.

“With the arrival of digital platforms, we feel it is important to have the possibility of access to linear television anywhere and on any type of screen. The TV market is more dynamic than ever and pay-TV will always have the live factor that people are looking for: the company in its daily tasks, entertainment in real-time or last-minute information," she expressed.

10 de septiembre de 2019