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Maximiliano Vaccaro, VP Digital Services at HITN

HITN: Mobile applications are the channel´s natural expansion points

09 de julio de 2019

The signal HITN presents outstanding growth. The segment that generates the most traction is the programming block Tu Planeta.

“These are very high-level documentaries made by the most popular production companies worldwide with which we finally managed to find space for the family to sit down and watch TV together because it is educational content that everyone enjoys,” expressed Maximiliano Vaccaro, VP Digital Services at HITN.

Vaccaro added that regarding digital, after a timid start two years ago, they are also growing. “We have evolved from having our corporate site to having another one focused on education -HITN Learning- and our most popular property that is Vida y Salud”. Vida y Salud –that celebrated its tenth anniversary- is being handled by HITN since a year ago, and in this time has created a great deal of additional content. The executive mentioned they have more than 6.500 articles and a thousand videos. “It is entirely renovated with the very technology that is very accessible for cell phones. We reached two and a half million readers per month on the website and more than 600 thousand on social networks,” he added.

He also commented that their mobile apps for pay-TV subscribers to access all of the signal´s content on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku have been available for a year. “It is the channel´s natural expansion point and we have great faith in it. We are in the process of authenticating each one of our operators. The key to everything is how we migrate from a passive behavior on digital networks to a more active one. We are generating data and information through our applications,” he ended.

09 de julio de 2019