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Gabriel Cobayassi, artistic director of Made In Spanish

Made In Spanish: You must know how to act to be able to do dubbing

01 de agosto de 2019

Gabriel Cobayassi, artistic director of Made In Spanish, said on #VisitaPRODU that he considers Mexico the main country in dubbing content into Spanish, more than countries like Spain, Argentina and Venezuela.

“We have very big facilities in this area, because of many years of experience and excellent actors. Additionally, we have the neutral accent that can be understood in the entire region. This is why I consider Mexico is a bit above the rest when it comes to dubbing," he said.

The executive highlighted on several occasions that the key to good dubbing is that you must know how to act, as well as have a passion for what you do. “Dubbing is a very nice branch of acting, you have to be in love with the character and get to know him to be able to express and convey the same things that are expressed in the original language. You must know how to act. I started in theater when I was 14 years old."

He also mentioned that together with his daughter Denice, and Made In Spanish, the company they direct has a lot of work in big animation and film projects, and a contract with a Russian company that keeps them busy at all times.

Cobayassi is well known for doing the voices of Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, Leonard the scientist from The Big Bang Theory, and many more.


01 de agosto de 2019