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Bárbara Alfonso, senior director of TeleXitos

TeleXitos: In almost five years we went from being in 15 to 31 markets in the US

04 de julio de 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

TeleXitos, the multicast digital network of the Telemundo group of stations in the US, celebrates on December 1st, 2019, five years of operations and in this time has grown from being present in 15 markets in the US to being in 31, including 10 of the main Hispanic markets. The most recent one to be added was El Paso, Texas.

“One of our strategies in content has been to keep the programming fresh, identifying Anglosaxon titles that have been successful and presenting them entirely dubbed into Spanish,” expressed Bárbara Alfonso, senior director of TeleXitos who reminds us that the network has content agreement with important providers -including NBCUniversal- MGM, Lionsgate and Sony, among others.

She highlighted that they attract the demographics of men and women alike and that the main genres of their programming are action and adventure.

Starting July 1st, they will present new episodes of Law & Order (the network is currently airing seasons five to nine), which, due to its great success on TeleXitos, will start being aired on the 8pm schedule (previously at 11pm).

They have also added series such as Hercules, Xena, Miami Vice “that attract a great deal of audience," said Alfonso, as well as Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and; Magnum PI. As for films, TeleXitos places 20 to 25 titles each month, and the hits for the month of July include The Bone Collector, Anaconda, King Kong, Scarface and Pursuit of Happiness.

04 de julio de 2019